Protos Inc. has thirty years of experience installing industrial and commercial floors in harsh environments including but not limited to dairy plants, milking parlors, potato factories, chemical processing plants, clean rooms, airplane hangars, commercial kitchens, locker rooms, and apple processing plants.  Our floors are sanitary, have non-microbial additives, and meet USDA standards.  We also offer flooring options which are environmentally friendly with no volatile organic compounds (VOC).  Explore our flooring systems as we have options that will meet your individual needs.


Flooring Systems


Protos Inc. offers a variety of flooring systems to meet your individual needs.  From high chemical and heat resistant to decorative flooring, click on our link to determine which system is right for you.

Repair Kits


Protos Inc. repair kits are designed for ease of use to be installed by company personnel to patch potholes, and corroded or abraded concrete.  Companies can choose from rapid cure kits which require minimum downtime, traditional epoxy repair kits or repair kits which can be installed over wet concrete.

Epoxy Moisture Vapor Barrier.


Protos Inc. EP-MVP is a water reducible two part epoxy that can be installed over concrete as early as 1 day. Our product meets the ASTM F3010-13 requirements. EP-MV  eliminates moisture vapor emissions in the concrete slab by creating a  monolithic membrane. EP-MVP can be installed over new concrete without any type of preperation.