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Protos Inc. offers a wide variety of seamless floor and wall systems to meet your specific needs.  Whether you need a decorative floor that will hold up to high traffic, sanitary floors and walls to address compliance requirements, or an industrial floor for your manufacturing facility, Protos Inc. has a system that is right for you.  Our floor and wall systems offer the flexibility needed to make sure your needs can be met with a product that is right for your business and will deliver the lasting value you expect. 


Each floor and wall system offers a different mix of attributes that make it the right choice for your particular needs.  Use the "icons" below each flooring system to help determine which characteristics you need and to help determine if the system is appropriate for your floor and/or wall project.




                                     SUBSTRATE PREPARATION PROCEDURE

With all flooring systems the preparation of the concrete is paramount to it performance. Substrate must be clean of all oils and dirt that could hinder good and adhesion.  Expansion joints will be chased, filled with flexible epoxy and fiber glass chop applied. See Our concrete preparation  procedure.











Abrasion Resistance


Low Odor

Elevated Moisture

Heat Resistance

Chemical Resistance

High Strength

High Traffic

Non-Slip Surface

VE-400 is a vinyl-ester flooring system designed specifically for extreme environments where continuous exposure to heat and chemicals are encountered.  VE-400's unique and wide range of properties allow it to be used in environments that would normally be very detrimental to other floor systems such as epoxy and polyesters.



EP-2000 is a high chemical resistant epoxy floor system designed for harsh environments (such as areas with heavy forklift traffic and corrosive chemicals).  It can be used as a protective coating on new floors or to restore worn, abraded or corroded surfaces.  EP-2000 can be installed as either a mortar or a slurry.



EP-631 epoxy floor system is primarily used  in areas where High impact and chemical resistance is desired .  It can be installed over a variety of substrates including wood, brick, concrete, quarry tile, and metal.  EP-631 may be used as either a protective coating on new floors or to restore worn, abraded or corroded surfaces.

UC-100 Urethane Concrete


Protocrete is a polyurethane concrete formulated for both commercial and industrial uses.  Protocrete-S (slurry) is designed for conditions requiring less grout , while Protocrete-M (mortar) is a trowel system designed for filling corroded areas and holes.  Both systems provide protection of the concrete from thermal shock, impact, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.  Polycrete is textured with a broadcasted sand to achieve non-skid properties. Protocrete flooring can be sealed with epoxy, vinyl ester or polyaspartic ester , depending on the environment that it  will be used in . Polyurethane concrete is made from castor oil and water. This system is virtually odor free and  cures very rapidly allowing very rapid return to service.