About Us

Protos Inc. has more than 25 years of extensive field knowledge and innovation in seamless industrial flooring systems.  You will find that the experts at Protos Inc. know the product, its application to your specfic industry and how to overcome issues that can come up on the job--helping you to get your job done right and on time. 


There is a flooring system to suit your most unique needs, with a complete range of products which are designed to withstand even the harshest environments.


When you partner with Protos Inc., we will help you determine the best floor to meet your individual needs, then dispatch our team of skilled experts to install your flooring system.  Protos Inc. has a foundation in integrity and we stand behind our service.  This dedication to excellence is the key to our success

by creating long-lasting relations with our customers.  Please call to recieve your free quote today!  We are excited to begin teaming with you and stand ready to serve you.